Thursday, November 20, 2008

BANANA MUFFINS! I love them. They are amazing. I have always loved banana bread, and muffins/cupcakes are just amazing because of the "individual size" quality. I made these amazing muffins as a tester recipe for a cookbook by my friend, Tess Challis. You can see some of the recipes from the book here and you can buy the book here. I only tried out a few recipes, but they were all excellent! The book focuses a lot on healthy foods, but doesn't give up taste, which is nice. I am against people trying to make oil-less/butter-less baked goods and sugar-free everything. If you really need to be that healthy just give up those foods, because MAN you can't replace them well with "healthy" alternatives. No, she just focuses more on healthy oils and how to incorporate whole wheat into everyday recipes and makes a lot of soy-free/gluten-free things (especially good for vegans with allergies and intolerances). Anyway, these muffins are definitely "I could live of of you"-quality, with a touch of "I just had a mouthgasm". You can also get an eyegasm from looking at the pictures.. amiright? I really don't know what else to write about these, but I don't want Angela to get bored at work from too little reading material, so I will think of more and be posting soon? Haha, hopefully!