Wednesday, October 1, 2008

vegan mofo and cookies!

Due to popular *coughemilycough* demand, I am going to start updating this thing again. I have some backlogged pictures I have never talked about and I should get my camera fixed soon for more reasons than just more food porn! So this gives me an excuse.

I am also doing this because I am jealous of everyone participating in Vegan MoFo, otherwise known as Vegan Month of Food, which many bloggers are diving into headfirst and probably going to kill themselves in the process. Maybe not the blogging part of it, but reading everyone elses millions of blog posts would be a big pain! I already waste too much time on the internet to be a regular blog reader.

On with the food! I decided to make a version of vegan samoas (yeah, the girl scout cookies) for fancy purposes, but they looked super coconutty but didn't taste that way, so they turned out tasting exactly like twix! This was also due to making the shortbread to thick (I don't own a rolling pin, gimme a break). I can't say I was disappointed, really. Twix was always a yummy candy bar, as far as candy bars go. I wouldn't super recommend making these to anyone because they are pretty labor intensive. I made the shortbread, then made a sweetened condensed soymilk to put it into the caramel (I think if I made it again I would just sub with full-fat coconut milk, which would also solve the not coconutty enough problem). and toasted the coconut... not to mention dipping and striping the cookies. Pain! If you would like to makes these, I loosely based them on a recipe from vegweb that you'll have to look up for yourself, because the website isn't currently working for me! I would just go to and look up "girl scout cookies", it'll be there.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a blog! Awesome!

I miss Twix too; I've been working on a vegan version.

Have a happy mofo! :)

eped said...

YES i love the food blog.

(stalking you through your food blog is much more exciting now that i actually know you.)

Angela said...

yum. welcome back

Amey said...

hey hannah!
Thanks for your comment on my blog. yeah, I'm on PPK as ameyfm. what a bummer that I was down in SLO and missed you AND the hot vegan spots. Drat!

I hope you can get your vegan paws on those sweet earth caramel clusters. they are freaky good!

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