Sunday, March 9, 2008

Organization of SPICES!

I must be a complete nerd, but I spent the day fooling around with the spinning spice rack I have had for a couple of years because there was stuff on it I was never using (seasoning salt, poultry seasoning, steak seasoning, sesame seeds [no, i don't NOT use sesame seeds, i just need more than one little spice thing of them], and maybe some various others that I have already blocked from my memory) so I am finally trying to get good about having a stocked pantry. I have realized lately that I am very bad about having stuff just hanging around, which is why I never have the ingredients to make stuff when I want it.

This blog is an attempt to get me to explore more recipes and build up that cupboard. Today, most notably, I got dry soymilk mix. This is pretty ideal for people like me who aren't prone to using soymilk often enough to warrant getting a full thing of it. I often just make my own nut milks... but sometimes I am too lazy. In addition, this will be a good way to make it as thick or thin as I want (creamy for ice cream! thin for uhhh... other stuff).


Puppy said...

i love the labels on the spice rack. way to go!!

my spices wouldn't fit on a spice rack ;)

Veggie.Lover said...

oh, this isn't all of my spices. i just think the rack is pretty, and useful for the small commonly used ones!

thedharmablues said...

Hehe! I am so getting a spice rack! That's what has being missing from my life! :)

hannah said...

spice racks are fun! i am still not sure why, but they are. i got this one as a gift a few years ago, but maybe someday i will upgrade to something that can fit all of my spices (ha! that would be pretty damn large)