Monday, March 31, 2008

Cookie bars!
I have a serious addiction to chocolate chip cookies and the last couple of times that I have made them I have made them into bars in order to make it easier on myself. I don't actually use a recipe, but I am pretty sure my cookies are loosely based off of VwaV's chocolate chip cookies. To make the bars the amount of dough is good for a small jelly roll pan and you just have to cook it a little longer. It is also pretty much essential that they cool before eating, so if you like warm cookies right out of the oven (not me, I like my cookies sufficiently chilled), you probably wouldn't like bars. Unless, that is, you over cook them and eat them all at once.

I also recently made tofu scramble. Tofu scramble is definitely one of my favorite (savory, at least) ways to eat tofu. It is also one of the few (heavy on) tofu dishes you can serve to professed tofu-haters that is appreciated. I don't know what it is about you, little tofu scramble, but you rock! If you are new to the whole tofu scramble thing, don't hold back, make one! I was very hesitant when I first heard of it because 1.) I didn't like tofu that much, 2.) I had hated scrambled eggs before going vegan, and 3.) I am not sure if there is a three, but three seems like a good number of reasons to have.
Anyway, I always use extra firm non-silken tofu and squeeze out as much of the water as I can (I could press, but I'm lazy). Generally, this results in me squishing the tofu too much, so it's a good thing I am just going to crush it all up anyway. I generally use a very little bit of oil. VERY little bit. Every time I make one I think I am going to try no oil the next time but I never do, I am pretty sure you could use no oil, though. Other than the crushed up tofu, my key ingredients are: tomato, avocado, nutritional yeast, and turmeric. Other than those, you can put in any kind of veggies and spices you desire. I like to use asparagus, onions and mushrooms (the one on the picture only has asparagus and onions) for veggies and garlic, salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika and oregano for spices. I just like to load in tons of stuff, really. That is the beauty of tofu scrambles, you can't really go wrong. You just keep scrambling until everything looks and tastes yummy.

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