Saturday, April 12, 2008

vegan loaves!

This is my first experience with a "loaf" of any kind. For some reason I just wanted to try one out and I was not disappointed at all. I used the "magic loaf generator" thing-y at Vegan Lunch Box and had fun with it. I actually put in ingredients I didn't have and had to sub stuff anyway. I also put I would use vegetable juice as a liquid and didn't feel like making vegetable juice so I just left it out and it was still really... well, not moist but definitely not completely dense or anything. Anyway, I ate it with sauteed kale and toasted pine nuts and red quinoa. It made a good meal for a few days!


Calimaryn said...

Oh yummy! In the last 10 years of various veggie to vegan-ness I have not attempted a loaf that did not turn out bland and blah. I need to give that Magic Loaf generator a try!

hannah said...

oh, mine was great w/ the spices. i made it spicy with cayenne and everything.
i like spicy a lot, though, not sure it would do it for everyone.